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Epic Fail

So I don't think I can successfully cover everything that has happend since my last post. And considering that that previous one wasn't very informative, then I guess that I'm just starting over.

I'm Kelli. I'm in college now. A freshman. I'm 18 now. I don't have a job right now-- but it's a work in progress.
I've been to Paris, I've done the high school thing (so over it), if you want to click back and read some of the things I put up, you can see what I spend my time doing.

Plan B, as it were, is to revamp this as a blog about my shiny new college life, away from the family farm and the family and all the shit me and my friends got into. You can watch me do my own thing, and maybe get a car. Classes haven't started yet, so all I can really say is that it's nice to see my roomie and the friends I made during orientation, and in two days we can see how the rest will work out!

Run Forrest Run!

Hi journal. I'm alive.
I'll be in Paris next week.
And having panic attacks about c-n-effing-u after that.

so yeah, bye again

idk if i've had a chance to use this icon, and i don't really thing it's relative but a) like i care about if it makes sense and b) LOOK AT THE DAMN ICON. so, so not over that man watchmen



Fob concert.
With mother.



I'm alive.
And stuck here.
Grounded, as they say. As in, my wings just got ripped out.
La de da. Happy 4/20 y'all!


There is no point to this post.


That is all

...oh god yes, this is what i was looking for. FIERCE!!

Cause and Effect

When I didn't get into Reed I decided to dye my hair neon pink
My parents said "... we're not getting involved"
I told them I was going in today, they said "... only crack whores have pink hair. We are right, and you are a little piece of shit."
So I'm going to bleach it now, dye it later when my Atomic Pink comes in the mail

War. That's what. Brightly colored war.



"Remember when she used to take ten points off our projects in our first year if we put glitter on them?"

We now have glitter bottles, set and ready

That is all



I am lazy. Google it. Especially Youtube it. So, so perfect. Also, this is what I'm going to do this summer. Nick will be involved, and will catapult it too unheard of philosophical levels. And humor. Epicness!!!

So psyched for school to be over.

Box Warssss.....


Who Watches...

AHHH! I am never on anymore, but this deserves a post. Ready?
It is awesome and Matthew Goode is my new favorite boy and I'm going to read the actual comic so I can see how it compares. Since I googled the whole backstory the first time I saw a trailer, I had some idea of what was going on, and when I'm done reading the comic I'll have some sort of comment on how it compares to the movie. But taken alone, I enjoyed it. It was hyper violent, hyper sexualized, and totally a Zach Snyder film. As a member of the young generation, I like all of that, though my parents will never be able to watch and appreciate it. But... yeah. You should go see it too in case you're living under a rock and haven't already.


I haven't posted in two weeks and I DON'T CARE! I don't hate lj, but I've got something better now... a boyfriend.

Yes, you do get a play-by-play. Or not, seeing as this was several months in the making. But after the film/party thing that went over so spectacularly well, we spent several days chatting back and forth on Facebook (dorkdorkdorks!) until he once again proved why he is my favortist person on the planet. He told me again how happy I make him, told me again how much he likes me and asked me AGAIN! if I would like to go out with him. AGAIN. PEOPLE. AGAIN! I CANNOT STRESS HOW MAGICAL IT IS THAT AFTER BEING SHOT DOWN ONCE HE STILL HAS THE BALLS TO TELL ME AGAIN HOW MUCH HE WANTS ME. And yeah, he still has a gf, so I am still the teenage equivalent of a homewreaker, but I will deal with that later. Two. That is the number of chances I have had. IwillnotfuckthisupIwon'tIcan'tIcanchange. \o/

So yeah, he said that he needed time because he didn't want to break up with her on xmas (did I mention I got his sweet little heart-to-heart on xmas eve?), and he wanted to do it in person, and he really didn't want to hurt her feelings, etc. How awesome is this boy? Every guy I know would cut and run at the chance to date someone else, especially when they are having trouble, but this one wants to DO IT RIGHT. ♥ This is why. But he did, eventually, just in time for him to go to the movies with a bunch of our friends

The Spirit is very cool visually, and I thought the plot was managable, so long as you refused to take it in any way, shape, or form seriously. Or, as the rest of my friends put it "FUCK THAT KELLI, YOUR MOVIE SUCKED!" like, yeah, I planned to take them to a movie that dispite being by the gory geniuses behind 300, was lame. And Sammy J? Can I call you Sammy J? Dude, while I love your eyeliner (I loved everybody's eyeliner. All men should wear eyeliner. Do you want to know who looks drop dead sexy in some man makeup? My boy, that's who XD) you need to do a role that is more than HAHA KICK KICK GUN FUN HAHA *MADNESS*. Just sayin'

...so yeah. It was fun and he smells perpetually amazing. IDEK you guys! And then off to New Years with Max where we spent a good deal of time making doe eyes at each other. Then he "officially" asked me out, although James was awesome and adorkable when drunk and kept pointing out what a fun time we were having here. together. Together here. And have I mentioned how much of a lip ring kink I am developing? Ahh, so hot. I want one so they can click together.

And, like a unicorn, all magic and wishing sparkles and smoke, I have a boyfriend. And he lets me come to band practice so I can be distracting to him and so Max can sit on me and tell me how awesome I am and other fun stuff. ♥____♥

And Jess hates my guts and every time I walk past her I am thankful that it is not even fractionally possible for humans to affect material with their brains because if that was even a slight possibility for only the smallest portion of the population and so powerless as to only be able to nudge paperclips, I would be soo dead. I want to learn to do that with my face. But I am also making a concentrated effort not to feel like the little piece of bf-stealing shit I am, and instead I'm going to enjoy this!


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